1a. To Salve and Salve Not - TV-Y7

1b. No Pants Today - TV-G

2a. A Yard Too Far - TV-Y7-FV - I added an FV for Ren tearing Stimpy's skin off.

2b. Circus Midgets - TV-PG

3a. Ren's Pecs - TV-Y7-FV - An FV for some mild blood spray during Ren's operation.

3b. An Abe Divided - TV-G

4. Stimpy's Cartoon Show - TV-Y7-FV - An FV for the ending with Ren, Stimpy, and Wilbur Cobb in the electric chair. Also, "crap" being said isn't a TV-PG.

5a. Jimminy Lummox - TV-PG - I rated this one TV-PG for Ren performing cruel acts (it's nothing compared to the Adult Party Cartoon).

5b. Bass Masters - TV-G

6. Ren's Retirement - TV-G

7a. Jerry the Bellybutton Elf - TV-Y7

7b. Road Apples - TV-G

8. Hard Times for Haggis - TV-PG

9a. Eat my Cookies - TV-G

9b. Ren's Bitter Half - TV-PG - I gave this one a TV-PG for references to Hitler.

10. Lair of the Lummox - TV-G

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