1. A Bee or Something - TV-MA-L

2. Panda Hat - TV-PG-DLV - A V for a broken bottle being pulled out of Red's head by Blue. And an L for Blue saying "fack".

3. Flame War - TV-14-LV - One use of the f-word is fine with a TV-14-L.

4. Traffic Jams - TV-MA - Three uses of the f-word earns the rating.

5. Steakosaurus - TV-14-LV - A V for Red blowing up a dinosaur with a laser gun.

6. OMG - TV-14-L

7. Trouble Date - TV-14-DL - A D for Red and Stacy doing seductive stuff.

8. Kitty Amazing - TV-14 - Only for Red saying "shit" once, everything else is mild.

9. Role Playas - TV-MA - For the scene with Lord Tourettes.

10. Attack of the Pwns - TV-MA - Same reason as Traffic Jams.

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