1. Miracle Lake - TV-14-DLSV

2. The Comeback - TV-MA-S - I agree with it getting an S for sex scenes, but uncensored uses of "shit" doesn't get an L.

3. Woody's Girl - TV-MA - Only for Woody having sex with Astro behind the fridge. Everything else is moderate.

4. Trailer Park - TV-14-DLSV - Pigs crapping don't get a TV-MA IMO.

5. Crippleberry - TV-14-DLSV - Denzel having sex with a woman in a dumpster is fine with this rating, since it's not that explicit.

6. Ranger Games - TV-14-DLSV - The bloody violence in this episode was pretty close to getting a TV-MA, but not quite.

7. My Way or the Highway - TV-14-DLV (Original rating)/TV-14-DLSV (Re-rating) - Ethel putting a miniature Statue of Liberty in her privates and the ending scene get an S.

8. Little Boy Malloy - TV-MA - For sexual content and references. Also, when Connie's breasts get exposed, it's not censored out, although all other nudity is censored, which is odd.

9. The Animals Strike Back - TV-14-DLSV - The ending scene is a bit harsh, but not enough for a TV-MA.

10. Scared Straight - TV-14-DLSV - I would give themes of prison rape a TV-MA, but it's too moderate for this episode to get that rating.

11. Trip to Mars - TV-14-DLV - Even though the ending scene shows an alien stripper with her exposed breasts being uncensored, I don't consider that to be really sexual, so it's fine without an S.

12. My Favorite Bear - TV-MA - For strong crude sexual humor.

13. Aparkalypse - TV-14-DLSV - I only gave it a V for someone's upper body exploding.

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