Not yet finished. Does not include music videos.

1. Held Back - TV-PG-D - Stiffies being mentioned gets a D.

2. Killing Time - TV-PG-D

3. Beard Boys - TV-PG-S - An S for the beginning scene.

4. Choke - TV-PG-D - Butt-Head choking on a chicken nugget throughout doesn't count as a V, but a D for Beavis mishearing the lady on the phone and thinking she said "lick his rectum".

5. Safe House - TV-PG-DL - Beavis and Butt-Head getting beaten up doesn't get a V.

6. Hard Sell - TV-PG-D

7. Walkathon - TV-PG

8. Temporary Insanity - TV-PG-L

9. Dude, a Reward - TV-PG-L - Beavis taking a photo of his junk doesn't get a TV-14.

10. Walking Erect - TV-14 - For sexual references.

11. Career Day - TV-PG-D

12. Plastic Surgin' - TV-14-D

13. Take a Number - TV-PG-DL

14. Beaverly Buttbillies - TV-PG-DL

15. Tainted Meat - TV-14

21. Lightning Strikes - TV-PG-LV - A V for the duo getting struck by lightning.

23. Candy Sale - TV-PG-DL - Coach Buzzcut beating up Mr. Candy at the end isn't a V.

24. Animation Sucks - TV-PG-V

31. Screamers - TV-PG

38. Tired - TV-PG-DLV

39. Close Encounters - TV-PG-L

47. Sexual Harassment - TV-14 - For sexual references.

48. Bus Trip - TV-14 - For Beavis swearing at drivers and Van Driessen falling off a cliff.

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