Not yet finished. All ratings are for the TV version.

1. Section 9 - TV-14-V - There's nothing sexual, so no S. A V for someone getting shot in the foot.

2. Testation - TV-PG-V

3. Android and I - TV-14 - A brief shot of a woman's breasts isn't an S, because it's not sexual.

4. Interceptor - TV-PG-V

5. Decoy - TV-14

6. Meme - TV-14

7. Idolator - TV-14-V

8. Missing Hearts - TV-PG-L

9. Chat! Chat! Chat! - TV-PG

10. Jungle Cruise - TV-14-V - This episode is possibly the darkest one. It didn't even air on YTV in Canada.

11. Portraitz - Needs rewatch

12. Escape From - Needs rewatch

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