1. Politics - TV-PG-L

2. Identifying a Body - TV-PG

3. Hiatus - TV-PG-V (Original rating), TV-PG (Re-rating) - I originally gave it a V for Brendon accidentally electrocuting Duane, but it's too mild.

4. Business and Pleasure - TV-PG

5. The Party - TV-PG-L - Jason saying "People are staring at you and your stupid rich-bitch dress" earns the rating.

6. Impressions - TV-PG

7. Dad - TV-PG

8. Therapy - TV-PG

9. Class Trip - TV-PG

10. History - TV-PG-D - Coach McGuirk mentioning pornography gets a D.

11. Writer's Block - TV-PG

12. Pizza Club - TV-PG

13. The Wedding - TV-PG-D

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