Here's mine:

Season 1: Bus of the Undead, Circus, and Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future

Season 2: Universal Remonster, The Dressing, The Cloning, Kidney Car, Revenge of the Trees, and The Last One

Season 3: Remooned, Edork, and Master

Season 4: Boost Mobile, Deleted Scenes, Dickisode, and Ezekiel

Season 5: The Marines and Couples Skate

Season 6: Chick Magnet, Two-and-a-half Star Wars out of Five, and Der Inflatable Furher

Season 7: Eggball

Season 8:'Jumpy George, Vampirus, and Lasagna

Season 9: Buddy Nugget and Fightan Titan

Season 10: Muscles, The Dudies, Freda, and Working Stiffs

Season 11: Mouth Quest

What are your favorite episodes?

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