• RMaster007

    Not yet finished.

    1. Dove in an Iron Cage - TV-14 (Original rating)/TV-14-S (Current rating) - An S for a brief scene of a prisoner giving another prisoner head in the shower.

    2. The Guzzle Bumpkin - TV-14-LV - This episode got rated TV-MA-LV, but the word “shit” doesn't earn a TV-MA-L and the violence is too moderate.

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  • RMaster007

    Not yet finished.

    1. Wet Hot Demonic Summer - TV-14 - I was going to rate it TV-PG-DLSV, but for Twayne reading porn and his mating bone emerging out of his chest, it earns a TV-14.

    2. Callie and Her Sister - TV-14-S - An S for Aldermach and Rosie having sex.

    3. Ride Me to Hell - TV-PG-DLSV - So far, this is the only episode I rate TV-PG. I would rate Blob Gets Job, So, You Want to Be a Vampire?, and Wet Hot Demonic Summer TV-PG, but they're too strong IMO.

    4. G. I. Twayne - TV-14 - The violence is bloody, but it doesn't get a V IMO since it turned out to be fake.

    5. The Ring of Powers - TV-14-S

    6. Attack of Mark's Clone - TV-14-S - Just for Callie and Mark's clone having sex.

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  • RMaster007

    1. D.O.I. Cutbacks - TV-14-D - A D for a Man-Bird saying “Suck my balls”. Even if it wasn't said, I would still rate it TV-14 because it showed a woman with her face on her crotch.

    2. An American Werewolf in America - TV-14-S - The violence isn’t enough for a V IMO, but an S for Randall talking to Ray on the phone, and Ray started breathing heavily and Randall asked if he was masturbating.

    3. Demon Baby - TV-14

    4. Blob Gets Job - TV-14 - I could rate it TV-PG-DLV, but for the blob saying “Do mermen swallow semen?”, it earns a TV-14.

    5. Treegasm - TV-14-DLS - An S for the tree having an orgasm and a D for Randall saying “Havin' no penis sucks dick”, and it's uncensored, which is surprising, but I still give it a TV-14-D.

    6. So, You Want to Be a …

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  • RMaster007

    1. Shore Leave - TV-14 (Original rating)/TV-PG (Current rating) - Originally for Brendon accidentally seeing Fenton's mom naked, but it doesn't earn it.

    2. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do - TV-PG

    3. Bad Influences - TV-PG-L

    4. Improving Your Life Through Improv - TV-PG-L - An L for the “Ain't No Skin Off My Ass” song.

    5. Renaissance - TV-PG

    6. My Cheatin' Heart - TV-PG-L - One use of “bitch” gets an L.

    7. Four's Company - TV-PG-L

    8. Guitarmageddon - TV-PG-L

    9. Storm Warning - TV-PG-D - Two bleeped-out profanities doesn’t get an L IMO, but two mentions of sex gets a D.

    10. Time to Pay the Price - TV-PG

    11. Broken Dreams - TV-PG-LV (Original rating)/TV-PG-L (Current rating) - Originally for Brendon’s nightmare, but it’s not enough.

    12. Stow-A-Way - TV-PG-L


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  • RMaster007

    Not yet finished.

    1. 'Roots: The White Album' or 'The Blacker the Community the Deeper the Roots!' - TV-14-DL

    2. 'Black Jaws!' or 'Finger Lickin' Chicken of the Sea!' - TV-14-DLS - This episode got rated TV-MA-L for the word "shit" being said uncensored five times, but it was said five times uncensored in the above episode and still got a TV-14, which is odd. Also, an S for Black Dynamite having sex with two women in the shower.

    3. ‘Warriors Come Out’ or ‘Mean Queens of Halloween’ - TV-14-DL (Original rating)/TV-14-DLS (Current rating) - Homosexuality jokes and sexual content isn’t enough for a TV-MA IMO.

    4. ‘How Honeybee Got Her Groove Back’ or ‘Night of the Living Dickheads’ - TV-MA - I was going to rate it TV-14-DLS, but frequent strong sex…

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