• RMaster007

    Not yet finished.

    1. The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby - TV-14-LS - An S for Dennis and Asriel having sex.

    2. The Gang Gets Invincible - TV-14-L - Doyle getting shot in the leg isn't enough for a V.

    3. Dennis and Dee's Mom is Dead - TV-14-DL - "Dick" being said three times to refer to genitalia gets a D IMO.

    4. The Gang Gets Held Hostage - TV-14-DL

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  • RMaster007

    1. White Elephant - TV-14-DL - Brett getting shot in the head is too mild for a V.

    2. A Kiss While Dying - TV-14-L

    3. A Debt of Honor - TV-14-DL - A D for the line "shut your dick trap".

    4. House Call - TV-14-DL - Two uses of "cock" doesn't get a TV-MA IMO.

    5. Southbound and Down - TV-14-L

    6. Baby Shower - TV-14-L

    7. Smugglers' Blues - TV-14-L

    8. The Rules of Extraction - TV-14-DLV

    9. On the Carpet - TV-14-DL - A D for Cheryl asking if she has to shove a popsicle up her vagina and "pussy" being said once in a sexual way also gets it.

    10. Palace Intrigue - TV-14-DL - Same rating for both episodes.

    11. Filibuster - TV-14-D - "Shit" is only said twice, so it doesn't need an L.

    12. Arrival/Departure - TV-14 - Same reason as above.

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  • RMaster007

    1. Fugue and Riffs - TV-14-LV - The "phrasing" joke isn't enough for a D.

    2. The Wind Cries Mary - TV-14-DLS - A D for Pam saying "Shut your dick holster", and an S for a brief shot of Archer getting a blowjob.

    3. Legs - TV-14-L - Ray's operation isn't a V, and one blowjob reference doesn't get a D.

    4. Midnight Ron - TV-14-L

    5. Viscous Coupling - TV-14-DLS

    6. Once Bitten - TV-14-DL

    7. Live and Let Dine - TV-14-DL - A D for the phrase "eat a dick".

    8. Coyote Lovely - TV-14-DL

    9. The Honeymooners - TV-14-DL (Original rating)/TV-14-DLS (Current rating)

    10. Un Chien Tangerine - TV-14-DL - A D for Lana saying "Are you coming?" and Archer then saying "No, but I'm breathing fast."

    11. The Papal Chase - TV-14-L

    12. Sea Tunt - TV-14-DL - Same rating for both …

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  • RMaster007

    Not done yet.

    1. The Wedding of Lupin the Third - TV-PG - This episode got rated TV-PG-LSV, but it doesn't deserve any of those subratings.

    2. The Fake Fantasista - TV-PG-L - One use of "bollocks" is fine with a TV-PG-L IMO.

    3. O.2% Chance of Survival - TV-PG

    4. With a Gun in my Hand - TV-PG-V

    5. The Magician's Left Hand - TV-PG-V - A V for Tony's death.

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  • RMaster007

    Not yet finished.

    1. Smokin', Drinkin', and Chillin' - TV-14-L - The word "shit" being said uncensored throughout doesn't earn a TV-MA-L. Also, the n-word doesn't get a TV-MA either.

    2. Fish and the Con Man - TV-14-L

    3. The Shit Heist - TV-14-DL - An L for "dick" being said to refer to genitalia three times.

    4. I Gave at the Playground - TV-14-L

    5. Fried Green Tomatoes - TV-14-L

    6. Love Thy Enemy, Part 1 - TV-14-L

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