aka Mr. Duffman Jr

  • I live in Dallas TX
  • I was born on October 5
  • I am Male
  • Mrdufmanjr

    please don't block me.

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  • Mrdufmanjr

    Think Of A Man J. Ezekial will become a TV Series on January 2, 2020 with 16 Seasons on Nickelodeon.

    Season 1ª Episodes (2020-2021)

    1st Episode: Man J. Ezekial. [airing: January 5, 2020]

    2nd Episode: Driving. [airing; January 5, 2020]

    3rd Episode: A Day Without Tears. [airing: January 6, 2020]

    4th Episode: Summer Job. [airing: January 6, 2020]

    5th Episode: SpongeBob Runs Into Oprah. [airing: January 9, 2020]

    6th Episode: SpongeBob's Warming Party. [airing: January 9, 2020]

    7th Episode: January 2003-December 2008-December 2025. [airing: January 15, 2020]

    8th Episode: January 2003-December 2025. [airing: January 15, 2020]

    9th Episode: January 2031-December 2110. [airing: January 21, 2020]

    10th Episode: December 2121-December 2206. [airing: January 21, …

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  • Mrdufmanjr

    Think Of A Man J. Ezekial will become a TV Series on January 2, 2020 with 12 Seasons on Nickelodeon. 

    Cartoon Characters in real life:

    Man J. Ezekial: David Hasselhoff

    SpongeBob SquarePants: Tom Kenny

    Squidward Tentacles: Rodger Bumpass

    Patrick Star: Bill Fagerbakke

    Super Why: Nicholas Castel Vanderburgh

    Princess Presto: Tajja Isen

    Wonder Red: Siera Florindo

    Alpha Pig: Zachary Bloch

    Bloo: Keith James Ferguson

    Mac: Sean Marquette

    Fanboy: David Hornsby

    Chum Chum: Nancy Cartwright

    Carl Brutananadilewski: Dave Willis

    Frylock: Carey Means

    Master Shake: Dana Snyder

    Meatwad: Dave Willis

    Robot Default: Curtis Armstrong

    Monster Krumholtz: Harland Williams

    Lilo Pelekai: Daveigh Chase

    Stitch: Chris Sanders

    Garfield: Bill Murray

    Johnny Bravo: Jeff Bennett

    Curious George: Fra…

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  • Mrdufmanjr

    Joshua Dufurrena

    March 26, 2017 by Mrdufmanjr

    Joshua Dufurrena is a youtuber on

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  • Mrdufmanjr

    it was Shake's turn to be grounded instead of Meatwad's.

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