• MilezTailzPrower


    March 30, 2015 by MilezTailzPrower

    With help of Sib, I created the ultimate weapon a twitter widget for Dave Willis!

    Here it is:


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  • MilezTailzPrower


    February 20, 2015 by MilezTailzPrower

    Hey everyone, I'm back! My disappearance reason: My parents were planning on moving to Canada (I'm 15, so I would have to go with them), however they changed their mind at the last minute. I also had to deal with stuff on YouTube! </sub> 21:37, February 20, 2015 (UTC)

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  • MilezTailzPrower

    A few templates.

    October 3, 2014 by MilezTailzPrower

    The ATHF Wiki now has three more templates.

    The FloatingImage template (Look at the bottom-right corner of the screen).

    The Float template (look at the sides).

    Finally the talkbubble corner (look... )

    I made them as user friendly as possible.

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