Think Of A Man J. Ezekial will become a TV Series on January 2, 2020 with 16 Seasons on Nickelodeon.

Season 12ª Episodes (2040-2041)

273rd Episode: The Cent Of Money. [airing: October 1, 2040]

274th Episode: Money Days. [airing: October 1, 2040]

275th Episode: Mars Night. [airing: October 1, 2040]

276th Episode: Halloween Month. [airing: October 1, 2040]

277th Episode: Taylor Swift. [airing: October 1, 2040]

278th Episode: Miley Carus. [airing: December 4, 2041]

279th Episode: Christmas Month. [airing: December 4, 2041]

280th Episode: Running Into Oprah. [airing: December 4, 2041]

281st Episode: Christmas Candy. [airing: December 4, 2041]

282nd Episode: Christmas Cookies. [airing: December 4, 2041]

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