Think Of A Man J. Ezekial will become a TV Series on January 2, 2020 with 16 Seasons on Nickelodeon.

Season 10ª Episodes (2036-2037)

255th Episode: Aileron Ave 32506. [airing: January 6, 2036]

256th Episode: August 2022-2072-2112. [airing: January 13, 2036]

257th Episode: October 2085-October 2114. [airing: January 20, 2036]

258th Episode: August 2089-August 2118. [airing: January 27, 2036]

259th Episode: The Greatest Story Ever Told. [airing: January 4, 2037]

260th Episode: 1200 1600 2000 were not leap years. [airing: January 11, 2037]

261st Episode: 2400 2800 3200 will not be leap years. [airing: January 18, 2037]

262nd Episode: How To Show Anger. [airing: January 25, 2037]

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