In the immortal words of the fictional character Cave Johnson, "When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back!" Although this speech was supposed to show insanity, I feel it has a point, whether the writers intended to make it or not. Don't waste time finding resources (sugar and water) to make the best (lemonade) out of a bad situation (lemons). You need to do something about the situation.

User:Chibifoxkit might have meant well, but that doesn't excuse the damage done. I just wanted to join him and Milez in the chat to goof off or maybe talk about the wiki, and we did that a little bit, but Chibi just can't let things go. He said he was a Certified Ethical Hacker (meaning he can only hack someone with their permission), and he wanted to prove to Milez and me that we weren't secure. We refused as any sane person would, but it didn't stop there. He kept trying to scare me to pieces. I probably lost an entire month of my life expectancy because of him. He kept going on and on about how insecure we were.

After Milez left (a one in the morning), he kept insisting that he help me download some more secure stuff for my computer. Here's one of the things he said to me to con me into letting him hack me: "I swear to whatever God you believe in (if any), I'm trying to help you." You shouldn't bring up religion to guilt trip someone into letting you do something they don't like. I felt like giving another example, but that's unnecessary because anyone with common sense would know better than to do this. He convinced me to install this software, which is highly deserving of being banned in the United States. He wouldn't even let me read the terms of service because he didn't want to sit there and wait for me to read it all, as if I actually wanted him to hack my computer. By the way, don't let him convince this isn't hacking because it is. I don't care if the ghost of Albert Einstein said it wasn't hacking, it is hacking!

It then occurred to me that he had hacked my computer. He couldn't open his secure browser because of my Mac's security settings, then he insulted my Mac, like "I. Hate. Macs." No, you're wrong. You don't hate Macs; you hate the fact that Macs, which you don't know how to use, are better than Windows, which you do know how to use.

Luckily, the TeamViewer software randomly regenerates the password needed to hack my computer every time I open the software. So, even though he knew my username the first time, he won't know it the second time because it's different every time. I was also able to delete it. Thank goodenss. Also, I only gave him my randomly generated username, not my randomly generated password, further cementing the idea that he hacked my computer.

Chibi, you should've let it go. You should've just let me be happy. You shouldn't have hacked my computer with your stupid immoral software. If I knew where you got your bogus hacking license, I'd do everything in my power to have your license revoked, so no one else would have to experience what I went through. I don't want to speak to you anymore. I want you banned from all of Wikia. Hacking is wrong; you've convinced me that there is no such thing as "ethical hacking." Good day.

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