I'm planning to request that the Wikia admins allow me to "adopt" this Wiki, or at the very least provide me with adminship. Here are my reasons:

  1. This wiki's founder, User:MasterShake, has not edited this (or any Wikia wiki) in over 1.5 years. His last edit was in January of 2012, and he appears to have abandoned his Wikia account. He has not responded to multiple talk page messages and has not provided any kind of email or other contact address. He has, in every sense of the term, abandoned the ATHF Wiki to its own devices.
  2. User:MasterShake is the only user on this wiki with admin privileges. This means the wiki is entirely without any admin control to deal with things like blatant advertising spam, front page updates, duplicate pages, etc. This is not good. It's the equivalent of declaring yourself Head Librarian of a community library, spending 3 years filling the shelves with books, then suddenly moving to another continent one day (carrying the property deed and the only key in your pocket) without locking the front door. Eventually it will degenerate into a spray-painted, trash-littered squatter's den. It's halfway there already.
  3. I've made more substanative edits to this wiki than any other registered editor in the last year. I'm virtually the only current active non-IP editor, and by far the most prolific. The last post on the community blog was in 2008, and it was by MasterShake. The last talk page edit by ANYBODY was in 2011. This is not good.
  4. There's many, many things I've identified here that require admin powers to fix, particularly deletion of spam articles. A Wikia wiki without an owner or any active admins is like a glowing neon sign for spammers, and there's literally nothing I can do other than rename them to DELETE ME (which nobody ever will until we get a new founder/admin in place!)
  5. The main page also badly needs to be updated, as does the guideline pages, the blog, the featured articles.....etc, etc, etc.
  6. I'm serious about ATHF and would very much like to make this the preeminent resource for detailed ATHF info on the web.

If there's anybody out there who gets this transmission, please respond with your opinion. If not, I plan to request adoption of this wiki in one week's time. Thank you! Court Appointed Shrub (talk) 08:48, July 9, 2013 (UTC)

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