• Court Appointed Shrub

    I'm planning to request that the Wikia admins allow me to "adopt" this Wiki, or at the very least provide me with adminship. Here are my reasons:

    1. This wiki's founder, User:MasterShake, has not edited this (or any Wikia wiki) in over 1.5 years. His last edit was in January of 2012, and he appears to have abandoned his Wikia account. He has not responded to multiple talk page messages and has not provided any kind of email or other contact address. He has, in every sense of the term, abandoned the ATHF Wiki to its own devices.
    2. User:MasterShake is the only user on this wiki with admin privileges. This means the wiki is entirely without any admin control to deal with things like blatant advertising spam, front page updates, duplicate pages, etc.…
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