1. Straight Outta Hades - TV-14-DLSV - Same reason as RMaster's.

2. Circle Jerk MCMCXVIII - TV-14-LV - A V for sticking chinese forks in noses.

3.  Three Demons and a Demon Baby - TV-14-DLSV 

4. Healy - TV-MA - Same reason as RMaster's.

5. The Tree-Hugger Bomber - TV-MA - Just for an extended scene of Angela giving Ted a handjob.

6. Torture - TV-14-DV

7. Eddie The Demon - TV-14-L

8. Golden Fiddle Week - TV-14-DL

9. Lee - TV-MA - Same reason as RMaster.

10. Hammerman - TV-MA - I agree with RMaster about the violence in this episode but I rate it TV-MA for Gary jacking off a goat.

11. Snow Job - TV-14 - Gary gouging a kid's eye out is too mild for a V.

12. The Damned - TV-14-DLSV - This episode is rated TV-MA-LSV, which I expected to be like The Eric Andre Show seasons 3 and 4, and guess what, it's tamer than that.

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