1. What Life D-D-Doth - TV-14-DLSV - Almost given a TV-MA but it's very moderate. 

2. Chief Beef Loco - TV-14-DV - A man getting his arms chopped up by a mexican gang member isn't enough to get a TV-MA.

3. Weapons Grade Life - TV-MA - I don't really give religious content a TV-MA, but due to it being mocked it earns that rating.

4. The 6th Teat of God Intentions" - TV-14-DSV - I don't think Xavier breastfeeding the babies and Snakehead and the Dogs eating the babies are enough to earn a TV-MA. An S for the Buffalo humping another Buffalo, and a V for the police officer shoothing himself, but it's off-screan so no TV-MA.

5. Pet Siouxicde - TV-14-DV - The red gold massacre scene at the end isn't enough for a TV-MA.

6. World of Hurt, B.C. - TV-MA

7. Bloodcorn - TV-MA

8. Escape from Squatopion Freedom - TV-MA

9. Signs from Godrilla - TV-MA - Violence is too moderate for a TV-MA but the reason I rate it is because of strong sexual references.

10. Shakashuri Blowdown - TV-14-DLV - Two men attempting to rape Xaiver doesn't earn an S.

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