Not done yet.

1. My Big Cups - TV-PG-L

2. Bass Fest - TV-PG-DL - That episode is too mild for a TV-14-DL.

3. Jeffy the Sea Serpent - TV-14 - The tourist accidently getting killed isn't enough for a V IMO.

4. White Collarless - TV-PG-L - One use of "bitch" gets an L, and Tom's nightmare doesn't earn a V.

5. Wrestling - TV-14 - The language isn't enough for a TV-14, but drug use earns that rating.

6. Saxman - TV-14

7. Spray a Carpet or Rug - TV-14 - Wayne biting Jane's hand off isn't enough for a V, neither does the people melting.

8. Surprise Party - TV-PG

9. CNE - TV-14-DS - The sexual content is too moderate to get a TV-MA IMO.

10. Friendship Alliance - TV-PG-V -  (spoilers) John shooting Gibbons in the head isn't enough to get a TV-14,  even though he wasn't killed.

11. Zoo Trouble - TV-PG - A headless rhino isn't a V.

12. The Layover - TV-PG-DL - Two bleeped profanities is an L, and a D for Tom's dad saying, "Stop it, you're reaching to my groin." The car crash scene isn't enough for a V IMO.

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