1. Dads - TV-PG-D (original) / TV-PG (re-rating) - One reference to testicles is non-sexual so it's ok without a D.

2. Friends - TV-PG-DL (original) / TV-PG-L (re-rating)

3. Cats - TV-14 - Same reason as RMaster.

4. Salame - TV-PG-D

5. Chunky - TV-14 - Just Mr. Henderson and Carol's first scene

6. Slop - TV-14

7. Abstinence - TV-14-DSV - This episode was rated TV-MA for the Pizza Delivery scene but it's not enough IMO, and a V for the opening scene.

8. Anniversary - TV-PG-L - One use of "asshole" doesn't earn a TV-14.

9. Hamburger - TV-PG-DLV

10. Missing - TV-PG

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