1. Seth Rogen / Asa Akira - TV-MA (original) / TV-14-DL (re-rating) - Originally for Asa Akira's interview, but it's too moderate IMO.

2. Lauren Conrad / Reese Witherspoon - TV-MA

3. Ryan Kwanten / Beyonce & Jay-Z - TV-14-DL - The Mortal Kombat scene at the beginning is too mild for a V.

4. Jillian Barberie / Victor Ortiz - TV-MA - Eric having sex with Santa Clause and a group of Asian people shoving Mac Demarco's face in a man's ass isn't enough for an S.

5. The Hannibal Buress Show - TV-14-DL 

6. Wiz Khalifa / Aubrey Peeples - TV-14-DL - This is the only episode in season 3 to not be rated TV-MA-L because the word "shit" is said once uncensored, but that's not the reason why I put an L there, I put an L for bleeped language. Also, three women shooting each other during the case game isn't enough for a V.

7. Naturi Naughton / Ryan Phillippe - TV-MA 

8. Jimmy Kimmel / Tyler the Creator - TV-MA - Just for Eric's monolouge that earns that rating, everything else is moderate.

9. Pauly D / Rick Springfield - TV-MA-S - An S for Eric having sex with the globe and pouring seman out of it. The seman is uncensored which it suprises me, even though it's white paint.

10. Bird Up! - TV-MA

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