1. Lerm - TV-14-LV (original) / TV-14-V

2. The Liar, the Bitch, and the Bored Rube - TV-14-DLSV

3. The Fine Ol Solution - TV-14 - Early pulling out sex objects such as porn magazines and dildos doesn't earn an S.

4. Anabolic-holic - TV-14-LV

5. Confessions of a Gangerous Mind - TV-MA (original) / TV-14-DS (re-rating)

6. The Big Gay Throwdown - TV-MA - For offensive jokes about religion and homosexuality.

7. Atone Deaf - TV-14-SV

8. God's Bro - TV-14-DLV

9. Reunited, and it Feels No Good - TV-14 - One use of Goddamn doesn't earn an L.

10. Not Without my Cash Cow! - TV-14-DS

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