1. Isla de las Chupacabra - TV-14-V

2. Joy of Grief - / TV-14-DSV - Originally for bloody violence but it's not enough. An S for Marco having sex with a Shark.

3. Green Fever - TV-14-DSV 

4. Sharko's Machine - TV-PG-DLSV - An S for Sharko humping Debbie.

5. Return of Marco - TV-14-DV

6. Casinko - TV-14-DLV (orignal) / TV-14-D - There's not a lot of language so no L, and the violence isn't enough for a V.

7. Butchslap - TV-14-DL

8. Monkey Bannana - TV-PG-DLV

9. Shrabster - TV-14-DLS

10. Cavemen - TV-14-DL - There isn't any sexual content so I have no idea why an S is on there. There is only one sexual reference which is a hooker asking Marco for a blowjob which is an automatic TV-14-D.

11. Moby Sick - TV-14-D 

12. No Waterful - TV-14 - I just realized the word goddamn is uncensored in this episode, which is odd censorship.

13. Legacy of Laughter - TV-PG-DLV

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