1. Splitsville - TV-14-DLS

2. Tourist Season - TV-14-LV - Period jokes aren't enough for a D, but a V for a fat lady getting eaten by a dolphin.

3. Red Dawn - TV-PG-DLSV

4. Meet Beck Bristow - TV-14-D

5. I, Robot, Really - TV-14-D - Jodene's brain falling off is ok doesn't earn a V.

6. Frozen Dinner - TV-PG-DL

7. Tornado Shanks - TV-PG-DLV - The word "asshole" being said uncensored should be fine with a TV-PG rating if it's said once or twice IMO, also the ass grabbing scene isn't enough to reach an S.

8. ASDTV - TV-14-DSV - A V for the head exploding scene.

9. Chalkboard Jungle - TV-PG-DL - Hookah isn't really a drug, so it's ok with a TV-PG rating.

10. Dearly Beloved Seed - TV-14-DLS

11. Craptastic Voyage - TV-14-DL

12. Let Em Eat Corn - TV-14

13. Neptunati - TV-14-D

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