Not done yet.

1. Help Me - TV-14-DLV / TV-MA-L - Bleeped profanity isn't enough for an L but the word "dyke" earns it.

2. They Took My Thumbs - TV-14-DV / TV-MA-L

3. I'm Trapped - TV-14-DLSV / TV-MA-L

4. In a DVD Factory - TV-14-DV / TV-14-DLV

5. Tell My Mom - TV-14-DV / TV-14-DLV

6. P.S. Yes, In That Way - TV-MA / TV-MA-L - Just for the extended scene of Bigfoot masterbating.

7. Love, Maurice - TV-MA (original) / TV-14-DLSV (re-rating) / TV-MA-L - Originally for the Willy Wonka Glory Hole skit but it's not enough.

8. Two Weeks Without Food - TV-14 / TV-14-L

9. But Not in That Way - TV-MA (original) / TV-14-DS (re-rating) / TV-14-DLS - The Giving Tree skit isn't enough for a TV-MA.

10. I Love Her - TV-MA (original) / TV-14-DLSV (re-rating) / TV-MA-L - E.T. giving himself head isn't enough for a TV-MA since it's brief.

11. We Are a Humble Factory - TV-14-DV - A D for "assrape" being said on the sign. Also, "fuck" is said three times in this episode but it's still censored on DVD.

12. Maurice was Caught - TV-14-LV - DVD verison is still censored so no uncut rating needed.

13. Unionizing Our Labor - TV-14-DSV 

14. President Hu Forbids It - TV-14-DS

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