If there are two ratings (for example, TV-Y7 / TV-Y7-FV), the one on the right is the uncensored rating, if there is only one rating, then both versions get the same rating.

1. Werewolf vs. Unicorn - TV-14-DLSV / TV-MA-L

2. Squaw Berry Shortcake - TV-14-DV / TV-MA-L

3. Rabbits on a Roller Coaster - TV-14-DLSV / TV-MA - A man crapping on the car isn't enough for a TV-MA.

4. Tapping a Hero - TV-MA - Just for the 33 Year Old Virgin skit.

5. Shoe - TV-14-DV / TV-MA-L - A robot humping a slot machine isn't enough for an S. Even though, the word "fuck" is said three times in this episode, but the line, "Get that cock out of your mouth, that's my job" earns an L.

6. Endless Breadsticks - TV-MA (original) / TV-14-DLSV (re-rating) / TV-MA-L - Originally for the Cat in the Hat parody but it's too moderate.

7. Yancy the Yo-Yo Boy - TV-14-DLSV / TV-MA-L

8. More Blood, More Chocolate - TV-MA / TV-MA-L - Just for the Rape Ghost skit.

9. Celebutad Mountains - TV-MA / TV-MA-L - Just for Everybody Hates Christ.

10. Moesha Poppins - TV-14-DL / TV-MA-L

11. Ban on the Fun - TV-14-LV / TV-MA-L

12. Losin the Wobble - TV-14-DLSV / TV-MA-L

13. Slaughterhouse on the Prarie - TV-MA / TV-MA-L - For strong sexual content throughout.

14. Robot Chicken's Half-Assed Christmas Special - TV-14-DV / TV-MA

15. Tubba Bubba's Now Hubba Hubba - TV-14-DV / TV-MA-L

16. Boo Cocky - TV-14-DV / TV-MA-L

17. Bionic Cow - TV-14-DSV / TV-MA-L

18. Monstourage - TV-14-DLSV / TV-MA-L

19. President Evil - TV-14-DV / TV-MA - In the uncensored version, the live-action topless woman isn't an S.

20. Chirlaxx - TV-MA-V (original) / TV-MA (re-rating) / TV-MA-L - Originally a V for brutal gory violence at the end but it's not enough.

21. Star Wars Special Episode II - TV-14-L

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