Note: If there are two ratings (for example, TV-Y7 / TV-Y7-FV), the one on the right is the uncut version.

1. Suck It - TV-MA - Just for the Unicorn sketch.

2. Federated Resources - TV-14-DLV - George Bush's daughters dancing topless isn't enough for an S. Nudity is still blurred in the uncensored version.

3. Easter Basket - TV-MA / TV-MA-L - The violence is very gory in this episode so it earns a TV-MA. 

4. Celebrity Rocket - TV-14-SV - There isn't any bleeped language so no uncensored rating.

5. Dragon Nuts - TV-14-D / TV-MA-L - Four uses of "fuck" earns an L.

6. 1987 - TV-MA / TV-MA-L - Just for the tree skit, if it wasn't in this episode then I would rate it TV-14-DLS.

7. Cracked China - TV-14-DS - An elderly from the Goldern Girls masterbating isn't enough for a TV-MA since it only showed her upper body and it's brief. "Fuck" is said once in this episode but it's still bleeped in the uncensored version.

8. Rodigiti - TV-14-D / TV-14-DL

9. Massage Chair - TV-14-S / TV-MA

10. Password Swordfish - TV-14-D / TV-14-DL

11. Adoption's an Option - TV-14-D / TV-14-DL

12. The Munnery - TV-14-DV / TV-14-DLV - A V for the stomping sketch. 

13. Metal Militia - TV-14-DLV / TV-MA - Three uses of "fuck" isn't an L.

14. Veggies for Sloth - TV-14-DLSV (with Archie's Final Destination skit) / TV-14-DLS (without Archie's Final Destination skit) / TV-MA-L - The Archie's Final Destination skit is removed on DVD because of copyright.

15. Sausage Fest - TV-14-DV / TV-MA-L

16. Drippy Pony - TV-14-DSV / TV-14-DLSV

17. A Day at the Circus - TV-14-S / TV-14-LS

18. Lust for Puppets - TV-14-DSV - In the uncut version, two uses of "shit" isn't an L, also the word "cock" is said in this episode, but it's still censored.

19. Annie Marie's Pride / Donkey Punch - TV-14-D / TV-MA

20. Book of Corrine - TV-14-DLV / TV-MA-L

21. Star Wars Special - TV-14 - I could rate it TV-PG-DLSV but a scene of Luke and Princess Leia laying in bed together naked which they are siblings earns a TV-14.

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