1. Junk in the Trunk - TV-14 - Just for the news reporter getting his head eaten off by a panda.

2. Nutcracker Sweet - TV-14-S - An S for the robot humping another robot.

3. Gold Dust Gasoline - TV-14

4. Plastic Buffet - TV-14

5. Toyz in the Hood - TV-14-DL - One uncensored use of "fuck" gets an L and a D for the "grab my wheelie" joke.

6. Vegetable Funfest - TV-14

7. A Piece of the Action - TV-MA - Just for the Debbie Dors Dallas sketch.

8. The Deep End - TV-14-DSV - An S for the Horny Rhino scene.

9. S&M Present - TV-14-SV - An S for the porn sketch.

10. Badunkadunk - TV-14-S

11. Toy Meets Girl - TV-14-DLSV (original) / TV-14-DSV (re-rating) - Originally for frequent bleeped language in the heaven sketch but it's just the word "shit" that was bleeped so it's fine.

12. Midnight Snack - TV-14

13. Atta Toy - TV-MA - Just for the Smurfs parody, everything thing else is moderate.

14. Joint Point - TV-14-DSV - The G.I. Joe sex scene isn't enough for a TV-MA.

15. Kiddie Pool - TV-14-S

16. Nightmare Generator - TV-14

17. Operation: Rich in Spirit - TV-14-DSV

18. The Sack - TV-14-V - Sexual references aren't enough for a D.

19. That Hurts Me - TV-14-V

20. The Black Cherry - TV-14-LV

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