1. A Rickle in Time - TV-14-L / TV-MA-L (uncut)

2. Mortynight Run - TV-14-LSV (orignal) / TV-14-LV (re-rating) / TV-MA (uncut) - Originally an S for a brief scene of the robots making love but it's not enough. And the word "fuck" is said three times so no L.

3. Auto Erotic Assimilation - TV-14-DLS - Need to rewatch

4. Total Rickall - TV-14-DLSV / TV-MA-L (uncut)

5. Get Shwifty - TV-14-DL / TV-MA-L (uncut)

6. The Ricks Must Be Crazy - TV-14-LV - Need to rewatch

7. Big Trouble in Little Sanchez - TV-MA (original) / TV-14-LV (re-rating) / TV-MA-L (uncut) - Originally for Rick killing his clones with an ax but it's not enough.

8. Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate - TV-14-DLSV / TV-MA-L (uncut) - The word "shit" being said throughout the episode doesnt earn a TV-MA-L.

9. Look Who's Purging Now - TV-MA-V / TV-MA-LV (uncut) - A lot of gory violence throughout the episode,

10. The Wedding Squanchers - TV-14-DLV / TV-MA-L (uncut)

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