1. God's Image - TV-MA (original) / TV-14 (re-rating) - Originally for racist content but it's too moderate.

2. Love - TV-14 - The plot is too depressing for a TV-PG IMO.

3. Satan - TV-MA (original) / TV-14-DS (re-rating) - Originally for sexual content throughout but it's moderate.

4. Elemental Orel - TV-PG-DV - Bloberta breastfeeding Shapey isn't an S.

5. Offensiveness - TV-14-D - A D for the ending, it's more suggestive than sexual IMO.

6. God's Blunders - TV-14

7. Pleasure - TV-MA - for strong sexual content.

8. The Lord's Prayer - TV-14-S - An S for Orel walking by people having sex in the car.

9. Holy Visage - TV-14

10. Be Fruitful and Multiply - TV-14-D - A D for frequent sexual references.

11. Praying - TV-PG-DL (original) / TV-PG-D (re-rating)

12. Repression - TV-MA - for strong sexual content.

13. Turn the Other Cheek - TV-PG-V

14. Geniusis - TV-14

15. Courtship - TV-MA - For multiple scenes of Doughey getting invited into an Ice Cream man's van.

16. School Pagent - TV-MA - For the "I hate you, Jesus" song.

17. Presents for God - TV-14-D - Three hookers getting naked isn't an S.

18. Orel's Movie Premiere - TV-14-DS - An S for Orel briefly masterbating and people getting eaten by zombies isn't enough for a V since it's brief.

19. Nature - TV-14 - Both episodes. Clay shooting Orel in the leg and Orel shooting a bear multiple times isn't enough for a V, and one use of "whore" isn't an L.

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