1. Booty Noir - TV-MA (original) / TV-14-S (re-rating) - Originally for the woman going down on Reducto but it's very brief so it's ok. Also, the word "shit" being said once and Wally flipping off doesn't earn an L.

2. Harvey's Civvy - TV-14-DS - An S for the photograph of Mentok having sex.

3. X Gets the Crest - TV-14 - Just for drug use. Also, there isn't any violence in this episode so I don't know why it's rated TV-PG-V.

4. Bird Girl of Guantanamole - TV-MA (original) / TV-14-D (re-rating) - Originally for references to incest but it's not enough. Also, Phil wearing a thong doesn't earn an S.

5. Turner Classic Birdman - TV-Y7

6. Beyond the Valley of the Dinosaurs - TV-PG-DL - Violence is too mild for a V, but an L for one bleeped language.

7. Evolutionary War - TV-PG-S

8. Free Magilla - TV-PG-DV

9. Return of Birdgirl - TV-14

10. Mindless - TV-14-DS

11. Sebben and Sebben Employee Orientation - TV-14

12. Identity Theft - TV-PG-DV

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