1. Blackwatch Plaid - TV-14 - Too light to earn a D.

2. Trio's Company - TV-MA (original) / TV-14-DS (re-rating) - Originally for sexual content.

3. The Delvins Made Me Do It - TV-14-D

4. High Speed Buggy Chase - TV-14-DLS (original) / TV-14-DS (re-rating) 

5. SPF - TV-14-DS (original) / TV-14-D (re-rating) - Porn on the computer isn't enough for an S.

6. Back to the Present - TV-14-L (original) / TV-14 (re-rating)

7. Grape Juiced - TV-14-D

8. Peanut Puberty - TV-14-DS - An S for an Ox humping another Ox.

9. Gone Effiecen....t - TV-PG-D

10. Droopy Botox - TV-14-D

11. Guitar Control - TV-14-D - One use of "asshole" doesn't earn an L.

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