1. Days Gone Bye - TV-MA - The most gory violence is just Rick shooting many through the head with blood squirting out. Also, the farmer and his wife's gory dead body inside the house doesn't get a V.

2. Guts - TV-MA-V - Multiple scenes of walkers getting splattered by shovels, bats, axes, etc. with a gruesome sound effect, as well as chopping one off into pieces to smear blood and organs all over their bodies. Also, Lori and Shane having sex doesn't earn an S.

3. Tell it to the Frogs - TV-MA - Not violent enough for a V.

4. Vatos - TV-MA-V

5. Wildfire - TV-MA-V

6. TS-19 - TV-14-SV - The violence is very moderate. One use of "shit" doesn't get an L and an S for Shane attempting to rape Lori.

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