Season 2. I forgot too add it. 

1. Vibracaust - TV-MA

2. Xavier's Maneuver - TV-14-DSV - Violence isn't enough for a TV-MA.

3. El Tornadador - TV-MA - Violence is too moderate for a TV-MA, but sexual content earns that rating.

4. Haunted Tonk - TV-MA

5. Free Range Manevuer - TV-14-DLSV 

6. Damnesia Vu - TV-MA

7. Going Normal - TV-14-DSV - An S for the woman showing Xavier the photograph with hookers.

8. Kharmarabionic Lotion - TV-14-D - Xavier stealing a dead body's heart doesn't earn a V.

9. Damneisa You - TV-14-DV - Xaiver videotaping under a woman's skirt isn't enough for an S.

10. Braingeas Final Cranny - TV-MA - Definitley for incest.

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