1. Bear Traps - TV-PG-V

2. Pioneer Island - TV-PG

3. WW Island - TV-PG

4. Toodle Day - TV-PG-S

5. Rats Off to Ya! - TV-PG

6. Proclein Birds - TV-PG-L - The term "eff" earns an L.

7. Vehicular Manslaughter - TV-14 - The word "prick" doesn't earn an L, and sexual references isn't enough for a D.

8. Boy Meets Mayor - TV-PG-D

9. Calcucon - TV-PG-L

10. Gibbons - TV-PG-LV

11. Pipe Camp - TV-14-DS - Tom masterbating is very brief so it doesn't earn a TV-MA.

12. Re-Birth - TV-MA

13. Vice Mayor - TV-PG

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