1. Bunny Love - TV-14-DLSV - I added an S here for the shower scene, such as prisoner's rubbing another prisoner's ass.

2. Superbar - TV-14-DSV - I was going to rate it TV-MA for the prisoners playing naked twister but it's too moderate.

3. Combaticus - TV-MA-V

4. Ladies Night - TV-MA - Same reason as RMaster.

5. Cold-Blooded - TV-MA-V

6. Don't Be a Negaton - TV-14-DSV - An S for Jared showing a picture of a person having sex with a Donkey.

7. Terrorarium - TV-MA-V

8. Mr. Grumpy Pants - TV-MA-V

9. Dream Machine - TV-MA - I would add a V if there is more brutal violence besides when Warden and Jared walking by the window.

10. Time Police 1 - TV-14-DLV

11. Time Police 2 - TV-MA

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