1. Jared has Aides - TV-MA (original rating) / TV-14-DLV (first re-rating) / TV-14-DL (recent rating)

2. Asspen - TV-14 - The woman flashing in the end which it shows two creatures doesn't earn an S.

3. Freak Strike - TV-14-DL - Balls on Butter's chin and Cartman dressing up as a slutty teen doesn't earn an S.

4. Fun with Veal - TV-MA (original) / TV-14-DL (re-rating)

5. The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer - TV-14-DLV

6. Professor Chaos - TV-PG-DL (original) / TV-14 (re-rating) - The name "Ms. Choksondik" is a bit strong for a TV-PG IMO.

7. The Simpsons Already Did It - TV-14-DL - Ms. Choksondik's death and autopsy doesn't earn a V.

8. Red Hot Catholic Love - TV-MA 

9. Free Hat - TV-14-DLV

10. Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society - TV-14-DLS - Wendy's surgery scene doesn't earn a V.

11. Child Abduction is Not Funny - TV-14-DL - Toung Lu fighting the Mongolians doesn't earn a V.

12. A Ladder to Heaven - TV-14-DL

13. The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers - TV-14-DLS

14. The Death Camp of Tolerance - TV-MA 

15. The Biggest Douche in the Universe - TV-14-LV - A V for Kenny's movie trailer.

16. My Future Self N' Me - TV-14-DL

17. Red Sleigh Down - TV-14-LV

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