1. Let Go, Let Gov - Need to rewatch

2. Informative Murder Porn - TV-14-DLSV - An S for the cable employes playing with their nipples.

3. World War Zimmerman - TV-MA - That episode is too racist for a TV-14 IMO.

4. Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers - TV-14-DL

5. Taming Strange - TV-MA

6. Ginger Cow - Need to rewatch

7. Black Friday - TV-MA-SV (original) / TV-MA-S (re-rating) - Originally for the gaurd getting stabbed but it's too mild for that, but an S for the sex scenes that are spoofed from Game of Thrones.

8. A Song of Ass and Fire - TV-MA-SV - A V for Bill Gates's partner stabbing a Microsoft employe, which is very bloody.

9. Titties and Dragons - TV-MA-V - There isn't any sex scenes in this one so no S needed.

10. The Hobbit - TV-14-DL

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