1. Reverse Cowgirl - TV-MA - Crap jokes throughout and an extended scene of a gaurd masterbating.

2. Cash for Gold - TV-14-DLV

3. Faith Hilling - TV-14-LV

4. Jewpacabra - TV-14-LV - The violence is too moderate to be rated TV-MA.

5. Butterballs - TV-14-DL - Granny abusing Butters doesn't earn a V.

6. I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining - TV-14-L

7. Cartman Finds Love - TV-14-DL - Yeah, this episode is a bit racist, but it's nothing like The Boondocks so it should be fine.

8. Sarcastaball - TV-MA

9. Raising the Bar - TV-14-DL

10. Insecurity - TV-MA-S - An S for Sheila and Gerald having sex.

11. Going Native - TV-14-L

12. A Nightmare on Face Time - TV-14-L

13. A Scause for Applause - Need to rewatch.

14. Obama Wins! - TV-14-DL

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