1. Sexual Healing - TV-MA - The Monkey humping another monkey doesn't earn an S.

2. The Tale of Scrotie Mcboogerballs - TV-14-DLV

3. Medicinal Fried Chicken - TV-MA - I usually don't give TV-MA for nudity but due to it through the entire episode, it gets the rating.

4. You Have 0 Friends - Need to rewatch

5. 200 - TV-MA

6. 201 - TV-MA

7. Crippled Summer - TV-MA - Nathan getting raped by a Shark doesn't earn an S.

8. Poor and Stupid - TV-14-DLV

9. It's a Jersey thing - TV-14-DLSV

10. Insheeption - TV-MA (original rating) / TV-14-DLSV (re-rating) - Originally for the younger Mr. Mackey almost getting molested.

11. The Coon Trilogy - TV-14-DLV - all 3 episode have the same rating.

12. Creme Fraiche - TV-MA

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