1. Tonsil Trouble - TV-14-DL

2. Brittney's New Look - TV-14-DLV

3. Major Boobage - TV-MA - This is the only episode so far to be rated TV-MA-LSV, but niether of them deserve that rating. Profanity and violence are too moderate, but the sexual content earns the rating, but not enough for an S.

4. Canada on Strike - TV-14-DLV

5. Eek, A Penis! - TV-MA

6. Over Logging - TV-MA 

7. Super Fun Time - TV-MA (original) / TV-14-V (re-rating) - Originally for intense bloody violence but it's too moderate.

8. The China Problem - TV-MA-S - Multiple rape scenes earn an S.

9. Breast Cancer Show Ever - TV-14-DLV

10. Pandemic - Need to rewatch, both episodes

11. About Last Night - TV-14-DL (original) / TV-14-LV (re-rating)

12. Elementary School Musical - TV-14-L

13. The Ungroundable - TV-14-DL

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