Every episode uncensored is rated TV-MA-L, except noted.

1. Fanklok - TV-MA-V / TV-MA-LSV - An S for the uncensored poster of Dethklok in gay porn. Also, the scene when Dethklok caught Nathan's girlfriend giving head to multiple men dressing up as Nathan is a bit more explicit in the uncut version which it shows her head moving back and forth but it's still not enough for an S since it's brief. Also, what Toki said that was bleeped was "Comic cunt cocks."

2. Diversityklok - TV-14-DLS - An S for women giving head in the hot tub, but it never showed them giving head.

3. Pranklok - TV-14-DL - The violence is too mild for a V.

4. Motherklok - TV-MA - Need to rewatch

5. Bookklok - TV-14-LV - The cannibal scene at the forest isn't strongs enough for a TV-MA since it's barely shown, as well as the ending.

6. Writerklok - TV-MA-V (original) / TV-MA (re-rating) 

7. Dethcamp - TV-14-DLSV - A scene of a woman giving a guy head is very brief and it isn't really graphic.

8. Dethvanity - TV-14-DLS - Need to rewatch

9. Going Downklok - TV-MA-S (original) / TV-MA (re-rating) - The ending isn't enough for an S.

10. Dethdinner - TV-MA - People getting stabbed in the abdomen by an elephant horn doesn't get a V. but it's still brutal.

11. Breakup Klok - TV-MA - Need to rewatch.

12. Church of the Black Klok - TV-MA-V

13. The Doomstar Requim - TV-MA

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