1. How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying - TV-PG-D - There's barely any language so no L, but I put a D for Hank saying "I won't let you hypnotize or molest me."

2. Texas City Twister - TV-PG-D - I remember watching this episode one time on Adult Swim and it got a TV-MA rating, which is an error. Two uses of "jackass" isn't an L.

3. The Arrow Head - TV-PG-D

4. Hilloween - TV-14 (original) / TV-PG (re-rating) - Originally for religous content but it's not enough.

5. Jumpin' Crack Bass (It's a Gas, Gas, Gas) - TV-PG - Yeah, there are themes of drugs but it's never used so it's fine for a TV-PG rating unlike High Anxiety.

6. Husky Bobby - TV-PG - Crude dialouge is too mild to get a D.

7. The Man Who Shot Cane Skrettleberg - TV-PG-DS - An S for Hank and Peggy having sex.

8. The Son That Got Away - TV-PG-DL

9. The Company Man - TV-PG-DS - This episode was in the Season 1 DVD instead of Season 2 because of the production code. Anyway, the name "M. F. Thatherton" isn't enough for an L, and a fight scene isn't enough for a V.

10. Bobby Slam - TV-PG-D - A D for Hank asking, "It's from the school, right, not some guy in a van with a cam quarter?"

11. The Unbearable Blindness of Laying - TV-PG-DS

12. Meet the Manger Babies - TV-PG-L

13. Snow Job - TV-PG

14. I Remember Mono - TV-PG-D

15. Three Days of the Khando - TV-PG-D

16. Traffic Jam - TV-PG-DL

17. Hank's Dirty Laundry - TV-14 - Sexual references throughout the episode earns that rating.

18. The Final Shinsult - TV-PG-D

19. Leanne's Saga - TV-PG-DL - Leanne flashing isn't enough for an S and Leanne and Peggy fighting isn't enough for a V.

20. Junkie Business - TV-PG-S - An S for Hank and Peggy laying in bed naked.

21. Life in the Fast Lane, Bobby's Saga - TV-PG

22. Peggy's Turtle Song - TV-PG-DL - An L for one use of "bastard."

23. Propane Boom - TV-PG-L - The bombing at the end isn't a V and an L for "bastard" being said three times.

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