1. Pilot - TV-PG-DL - Bobby getting hit in the eye by a baseball isn't a V.

2. Square Peg - TV-14 - For frequent sexual references.

3. The Order of the Straight Arrow - TV-PG-DL - Dale showing his ass isn't an S, but a D for the ranger telling Bill what he did to Dale and his underwear, which is a reference to rape.

4. Hank's Got the Willies - TV-PG-DL - One use of "whore" earns an L.

5. Luanne's Saga - TV-PG-D

6. Hank's Unmentionable Problem - TV-PG - Hank having constipation throughout the episode isn't a D since it's not crude or vulgar. 

7. Westie Side Story - TV-14 (original) / TV-PG-DLS (re-rating) - Originally for Doggy humping Ladybird but it's not enough.

8. Shins of the Father - TV-PG-DL - Cotton's WWII flashback isn't enough for a V.

9. Peggy the Boggle Champ - TV-PG

10. Keeping Up With Our Jonses - TV-PG - Cigarettes aren't drugs so it's fine.

11. King of the Ant Hill - TV-PG-L - One use of "bastard" gets an L.

12. Plastic White Female - TV-PG-DL

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