1. Meet Killface - TV-MA (original rating) / TV-14-LV (re-rating)  - Killface using a dead body as a puppet isn't enough.
  2. Meet Awsome-X - TV-14-DSV - There's only one bleeped dialouge so no L needed.
  3. Pimp My Revenue - TV-14 (original) / TV-PG-DL (re-rating) - Taqu'l gunshot wound isn't enough for a V.
  4. XPO - TV-14-DS
  5. Kidnapped - TV-14-LS - An S for The Dread Lobster ejaculating. It's never shown so it's fine with a TV-14-S.
  6. Emergency Room - TV-14-DV
  7. Meet Antagone - TV-14-DLSV
  8. Blind Faith - TV-14 - This episode could be rated TV-PG-DLV if it doesn't feature Barnaby Jones's tatoo which is a penis.
  9. The Odd Couple - TV-14-DL - Sexual references are pretty moderate, Barnaby being naked throughout the episode doesn't get an S becuase it's not sexual. Also, one of the Xtacles head getting exploded isn't enough for a V.
  10. Flowers for Nearl - TV-14-LV
  11. The Grate Escape - TV-14-DV
  12. Penultimate Fighting - TV-14-L - Killface biting Barnaby's ear off doesn't earn a V.
  13. Thrust Issues - TV-14-DLV - Phillip getting shot in the head isn't enough for a TV-MA.

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