This was supposed to be the final season but they later returned in 2011 which i'm going to due next.

1. Butt, Butt, Hike - TV-PG-D - Buttheads nose bleeding doesn't earn a V.

2. Vaya Con Cornholio - TV-PG-DL

3. Evolution Sucks - TV-14-DS - Originally rated TV-MA for the Dinosaurs having sex on-screen but it's very brief and not really explicit. 

4. Ding Dong Ditch - TV-PG-L - Butthead mentioning a guy taking a dump isn't enough for a D.

5. Just for Girls - TV-PG-DS - Originally rated TV-14 for sexual references. Sexual references are too moderate, even though Beavis and Butthead does make some crude comments, it's not enough.

6. A Very Special Episode - TV-PG-D - A D for Beavis and Butthead staring at a nurses cleavege.

7. Dumbasses Annonymous - TV-PG

8. Underwear - TV-14-D

9. Head Lice - TV-PG-DLV

10. Cyber-Butt - TV-PG-DS

11. Nosebleed - TV-14 - Usually massive nosebleed gets a TV-PG-V, but for this one, I rate it TV-14 for dangerous activities for example, the door connected with the rope which it reaches to Beavis's nose but it only showed Butthead closing the door and massive blood sprays out.

12. Citizen's Arrest - TV-14

13. Pierced - TV-PG-V 

14. A Great Day - TV-14-S - Same reason as Evolution Sucks.

15. On Strike - TV-PG - Beavis talking about scratching his nads doesn't earn a D.

16. Follow Me - TV-PG-DLV - Todd making out with a prostitute isn't enough for an S.

17. Nothing Happening - TV-PG-DV - A D for Butthead laughing when he said "woodpeckers".

18. Take a Lap - TV-PG-D

19. Shortcuts - TV-PG-L

20. The Bride of Butthead - TV-14-DS - Originally rated TV-MA for non-stop sexual references but it's too moderate.

21. Special Delivery - TV-PG

22. Woodshop - TV-PG-DV - Yeah, Beavis's finger cut off is a little gory, but he's fine in the last episode, even though he picked his nose which caused the stitches to break.

23. T.V. Violence - TV-PG-L - The violence on the TV is never shown on screen so it's fine without a V. The language isn't enough, but for Beavis saying the word "bitch", it gets an L.

24. Canned - TV-14 - Even though the episode is too mild for that rating, I have to rate it for Beavis going across the road in the highway which caused dozens of cars to wreck, killing many people.

25. Garage Band - TV-PG-DL

26. Impotance - TV-14

27. The Miracle that is Beavis - TV-PG-DL

28. Shopping Cart - TV-PG-V - Just for Beavis and Butthead getting ran over a couple times.

29. Inventors - TV-PG-DLS

30. Die, Fly, Die - TV-PG-L - Beavis getting hit by a baseball bat and Butthead getting hit by a Shovel isn't enough for a V. Also, Beavis crapping isn't enough for a TV-14.

31. Drinking Butt-ies - TV-PG-DL

32. Work is Death - TV-PG-DV

33. Breakdown - TV-PG-D - Mcvicker strangling Beavis doesn't get a V.

34. Graduation Day - TV-PG-D

35. The Future of Beavis and Butthead - TV-14-S - Sexual References aren't enough for a D but an S for moaning sounds when Butthead is working at the adult store.

36. Speech Therapy - TV-14-D 

37. Leave it to Beavis - TV-14-S

38. Butt Flambe - TV-PG - A guy's bloody gunshot wound and a man dying doesn't get a V, because I don't call it violent.

39. Our Founding Losers - TV-PG-DL

40. Beavis and Butthead are Dead - TV-PG-DLV - Yeah, there are flashback episodes, some including banned ones, but they aren't the main priority in this episode so it should be ok with that rating.

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