I'm going to do ratings for every season of Beavis and Butthead, but I'm still planning on finishing Harvey Birdman season 2, Xavier: Renegade Angel season 1, and Frisky Dingo season 1. And soon I will upload ratings on Sealab 2021 Seasons 3 and 4, Mr. Pickles Season 2, and The Boondocks Season 4.

1. The Mystery of Morning Wood - TV-14-DS - An S for the fairy going into Beavis and Buttheads pants to give them stiffies.

2. U.S. History - TV-14-D - A D for Beavis saying "anal report".

3. Feel a Cop - TV-14-D 

4. Date Watchers - TV-14-D 

5. Blood Pressure - TV-14 - Originally rated TV-PG-DL - I have to rate it TV-14 for Butthead suggesting Beavis to his penis in a Blood Pressure machine. Every things else is moderate.

6. Babysitters - TV-PG-DL

7. Vidiots - TV-14-D

8. Stewart is Missing - TV-PG-D - One use of dumbass doesn't earn a L.

9. Gang of Two - TV-PG-DL - Beavis and Butthead getting beat up by Todd and the Store Clerk doesn't get a V.

10. Sprout - TV-PG-DL

11. Prank Call - TV-14-V - A V for Harry Sachz brutally shoving a phone in Mr. Stevensons ass.

12. No Service - TV-PG-L 

13. Yard Sale - TV-PG-L - I was going to add a D on it for the bush whacker joke but it's too moderate.

14. PTA - TV-PG-LV - V for fight scene.

15. Substitute - TV-PG-DV

16. Shopping List - TV-14

17. Buy Beer - TV-PG-DL

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