I just realized that many episodes in this season are banned because of Beavis and Butthead's dangerous activities, also the lines like "fire!" and "Let's burn something" were removed on TV.

1. Scientific Stuff - TV-14 - Crude jokes about Periods and Vibrators but it's not enough for a D.

2. Good Credit - TV-PG-DLSV

3. Burger World - TV-PG-D

4. Baby Makes Uh, Three - TV-14 - Just for Beavis and Butthead trying to fix with the sound of a woman moaning but they're not watching porn, it later ended up a woman giving birth. If that scene was shorter it would be a TV-PG-S.

5. Beware of a Butt - TV-14-DS - A D for Butthead joking about "stroking his wiener" and an S for a fat lady having sex in a Van. Also, a horror movie that Beavis and Butthead watched at the drive-in cinema doesn't get a V.

6. At the Sideshow - TV-PG-D

7. Customers Suck - TV-PG 

8. Sick - TV-14 - For Drug References

9. Home Improvement - TV-14 

10. Way Down Mexico Way - TV-14 - Originally rated TV-MA - Just for Beavis and Butthead swallowing a condom with a large amount of pills in it, but due to a warning sign below, I gave it a lighter rating.

11. At the Movies - TV-PG-DV 

12. No Laughing - TV-PG-DLV - Coach Buzzcut's sex ed class doesn't get a TV-14, also a V for Butthead accidently throwing a pencil at Beavis's eye and Butthead getting his finger cut off by a chainsaw.

13. The Butthead Experience - TV-14 - Just for Beavis trying to get high by licking a frog, everything else is moderate.

14. Lawn and Garden - TV-PG-DLV - The final scene used the final scene from No Laughing, which is very odd.

15. Stewarts House - TV-14 - That episode got banned for Beavis and Butthead inhaling gas and blowing up the kitchen. 

16. For Better or Verse - TV-PG-S - Butthead spraying fire on Beavis's face doesn't earn a V, but an S for the commercial that Beavis and Butthead was watching at the beginning.

17. Bedpens and Broomsticks - TV-PG-D - A D for the usual "You said..." gag, also Billy Bob stepping on a Spike and having a heart attack isn't enough for a V.

18. Babes R Us - TV-PG-DV 

19. Yogurt's Cool - TV-PG-DS

20. Heroes - TV-PG-DV - That episode got banned for Butthead carelessly shooting a gun which it shot a airplane down, and taunting the passengers. Besides that, I didn't rate it TV-14 because the episode is moderate.

21. Washing the Dog - TV-14 - Originally rated TV-MA - That episode was also banned for putting a dog in the dryer. I originally rate it TV-MA for animal cruelity. Unlike ATHF episode, Reedickyoulus and Beavis and Butthead episode Frog Baseball, the animal survived.

22. Friday Night - TV-PG-D

23. Be All You Can Be - TV-14

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