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  • Brady108

    Not done yet.

    1. Road to the Multiverse - TV-14 / TV-PG-DLV (alternate rating) / TV-14-L - Just for Flinstone Peter says, "I enjoyed rocking you up the rock last night."

    2. Family Goy - TV-14 / TV-14-L - Peter's penis shown in the uncut version isn't an S.

    3. Spies Reminscent of Us - TV-14 / TV-PG-DLV (alternate rating) / TV-14-L - Just for the Brady Bunch cutaway.

    4. Brian's Got a Brand New Bag - TV-PG-DLSV / TV-MA

    5. Hannah Bannana - TV-14 / TV-PG-DLV (alternate rating) / TV-14-L - Just the scene when Robot Miley Cyrus dead on the floor then Stewie says, "You know, Brian? Here's your shot, go for her." 

    6. Quagmire's Baby - TV-14-DL - A D for the tail stroking joke and an L for "bitch" being said eleven times.

    7. Jerome is the New Black - TV-14…

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  • Brady108

    Not done yet.

    1. Pilot - TV-14-D / TV-PG-DLS (alternate rating) - A D for Cleveland says, "Thank you all for coming," then Quagmire shouts, "Oh." Also there isn't any violence in this episode so there shouldn't be a V.

    2. Da Doggone Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance - TV-14-D / TV-PG-DLV (alternate rating) / TV-14-DL - A D for one of the bullies says, "Why don't you choke on your dad's corndog?"

    3. The One About Friends - TV-14-V - A V for the shootout scene.

    4. Birth of a Salesman - TV-14-V (original) / TV-14-D (re-rating) / TV-14-DL - Originally a V for the cop getting shot to death but it's not enough IMO. I later added a D for Arianna said to Tim, "When you come back, you have to come down to the sheets and take care of mama bear."

    5. Cleveland J…

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  • Brady108

    1. Love Blacktually - TV-14-S / TV-PG-DLS (alternate rating) / TV-14-LS - Just for Cleveland and Carolyn having sex. Also Brian eating a bunny isn't enough for a V.

    2. I Dream of Jesus - TV-MA (original) / TV-14 (re-rating) / TV-MA-L - Originally for religous humor throughout but it's moderate. Also, an L in the uncut version for the rap song being played.

    3. Road to Germany - TV-14 / TV-MA-L

    4. Baby Not on Board - TV-PG-DL / TV-MA-L - The Aqua-Man cutaway isn't enough for an S, also the Peter and Quagmire fighting isn't enough for a V.

    5. The Man With Two Brians - TV-PG-DLV / TV-14-L - New Brian giving Brian weed isn't a TV-14 since it wasn't used.

    6. Tales of a Third Grade Nothing - TV-14-D - A D for Peter wrote, "Homework is for buttlickers.…

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  • Brady108

    1. Blue Harvest - TV-14-D / TV-14-DL - A D for one of the golf announcers says, "How many golf balls can she fit in her mouth?"

    2. Movin' Out (Brian's Song) - TV-PG-DLS / TV-14 - The cutaway scene of Quagmire raping Marge and killing the whole Simpsons family is a bit too harsh. 

    3. Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air - TV-14-SV - A V for Peter blowing his brains out and an S for Joe having sex with Bonnie. Also, one use of "shit" isn't an L.

    4. Stewie Kills Lois - TV-14-DL - Stewie shooting Lois isn't enough for a V, neither does Carter shooting an aisan hooker. A D for Stewie says, "I'll be surounded by sperm whales and sea men. Oh, look, a swallow," and an L for "bitch" being said eight times. Also, two uses of "fuck" isn't a TV-MA.

    5. …

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  • Brady108

    1. Stewie Loves Lois - TV-14-DS / TV-14-DLS - A D for constant jokes about rape and an S for the flashback scenes.

    2. Mother Tucker - TV-14-D - A D for the hot dog scene.

    3. Hell Comes to Quohog - TV-14 / TV-PG-DLV (alternate rating) / TV-14-L - Just for the Yogi Bear cutaway.

    4. Saving Private Brian - TV-14 / TV-14-L

    5. Whistle While Your Wife Works - TV-PG-DLSV / TV-14-L

    6. Prick Up Your Ears - TV-14-S / TV-14-LS - An S for the shot of Peter having sex with Lois's ear, even though that shot was removed on FOX. I'd still rate it TV-14 for mentions of ear sex.

    7. Chick Cancer - TV-14 / TV-PG-DL (alternate rating) / TV-14-L - Just for the Cheeto cutaway.

    8. Barely Legal - TV-MA (original) / TV-14-D (re-rating) - Originally for pedohillia reference…

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