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  • Andypeck3612

    Alternative titles for Aqua Teen Hunger Force in 2019-2037:

    Aqua Teen Don't Really Know Whatever Forever (2019 TV Series) - Season 12

    Aqua Something Don't Know What It Is But Forever (2020 TV Series) - Season 13

    Aqua Unit Hunger Management Forever (2021 TV Series) - Season 14

    Aqua Guard Doesn't Know What It Is But Right Now (2022 TV Series) - Season 15

    Aqua Kid World Teen Hunger Forcing For 10 Day Contract (2023 TV Series) - Season 16

    Aqua Teen Knows Now What It Is But For About A 10 Day Event (2024 TV Series) - Season 17

    Aqua Rabbot Know What It Is Like For A Month (2025 TV Series) - Season 18

    Aqua Teen Rabbot Know What Forever Meaning (2026 TV Series) - Season 19

    Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 2 (2027 TV Series) - Season 20

    Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 3 (2028 …

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  • Andypeck3612

    Season 12

    May 30, 2016 by Andypeck3612

    there will be a 12th season of ATHF called Aqua Teen Don't Really Know Whatever Forever coming to Adult Swim on July 22, 2019.

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  • Andypeck3612

    ATHF is having a 12th-30th Season in 2019-2037 with 7643,0000 episodes.

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