"Universal Remonster"
Season 2, Episode 11
Original air date September 28, 2003
Production code 211
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Dave Willis
Guest star(s) Andy Merrill (Oglethorpe)

Mike Schatz (Emory)

Parental Advisory TV-14
Aqua Teen Hunger ForceSeason 2
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"Universal Remonster" is the 11th episode of the second season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the 29th episode overall. It originally aired on September 28, 2003.


Cold open

Steve asks if this is a vacation, to which Dr. Weird replies, "No... this is Taco Island!"

Main plot

Master Shake gets very angry when the T.V. doesn't work, and in his usual irrational response to difficult situations, starts banging on it, much to the frustration of Frylock as Shake had already broken several T.V.s that year. However, this time, Shake's tactics get the screen to come on and work normally again. Meanwhile The Plutonians, Oglethorpe and Emory, have successfully transmitted the t.v. through what Oglethorpe calls the Far Gate. Emory than states that it should be the Stargate. Oglethorpe then explains that it's not like that movie that he has never seen, so they won't get sued. Then Oglethorpe trys to turn on the t.v., but instead he accidentally blasts his eyes out. Ogltethorpe then asks Emory why he didn't label the stuff, and he says it's because he was told not to. Oglethorpe is then disappointed that he can't change channels. Then the Universal Remonster is revealed so they can change the channels, however it then wanders out through the Far Gate. The scene cuts to Meatwad watching a show (presented in the form of puppets) teaching him the difference between left and right. Frylock tells him that he's doing good and tests him to see if he's truly learned anything. When suddenly the channel changes to a Soap Opera and then to a bowling final(both also presented in the form of puppets). Frylock becomes confused as to what's going on as the TV changes channels again to this time a slasher flick. Meatwad declares that he doesn't care because he'll watch anything on the TV. To which Frylock declares that he's too young to be watching the movie and turns off the TV, much to Meatwad's chagrin. Shake comes in and tells Frylock to turn the TV back on, when the TV just turns on by itself. Frylock is shocked while Shake and Meatwad simply ignore how it is an unusual event. Frylock then tests the TV by turning it off and then watching it turn back on on it's own twice, both times heckled by Shake and Meatwad. Finally, Frylock just unplugs the TV all together. When he does, the Universal Remonster comes out in the open & plugs it back in. Shake discovers that it can also move objects around like a poltergeist, and he uses the Remonster to torture Meatwad. Frylock discovers the Far Gate in the crawlspace and confronts the Plutonians, once again discovering that they're incompetent. They show him another Far Gate in a wheelchair with a mohawk, and Frylock says, "You guys are high!" Frylock leaves, and they get the munchies. Frylock blocks the Far Gate with the TV, and Shake decides to live in the Crawlspace with it. Without telling Shake, Frylock buys a high definition TV. Meatwad says, "But I thought you said TV was bad?" Frylock says "It is...but we fucking need it."

Featured Characters

Dr. Weird
Master Shake
"This is Your Left" Puppet
Universal Remonster

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